Harambee is an Austrian registered charity providing education and sustainable support to poor communities in Kilifi, Kenya. For that purpose Harambee is partnering with a Kenyan registered charity, GAPEKA.

Currently we are educating more than 900 children from extremely poor family backgrounds. Around 600 children are attending Kilifi Vonwald School, a combined Primary and Secondary School funded and maintained by Harambee. In addition, we are supporting about 300 children to learn at various other schools in the area and at higher education institutions. It is our mission to provide quality education up to a first vocational or academic qualification that allows our children to sustainably support themselves and their families.

Furthermore, we provide support to the families of our students with the aim of self-reliance and independence. We do so in form of microcredits and business mentoring, as well as in engaging the families in sustainable agriculture and water-management. In cooperation with local governmental offices, we also run relief programs to lift the burdens of natural disasters like droughts.

It is our aim to not only deliver help to our direct beneficiaries, the children and their families, but to support the community at large in the area around the coastal town of Kilifi. We do so with a focus on sustainability, gender-equality and environmental impact.

You may find us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) and reach us via e-mail to office@harambee.at.

How to help

You may support our work by sponsoring an individual child (called Patenschaft in German). With the help of your donations your sponsored child (or Patenkind) may attend school, receives healthy school meals and medical treatment if necessary. Sponsoring an individual child ranges from donations of 15 Euro up to 50 Euro per month, depending on the type of school the child is attending. Please send an email to office@harambee.at if you would like to learn more about sponsoring a child.

We also very much appreciate your donations for our various projects. We are happy to receive donations via bank transfer, Paypal or on Facebook. Please feel free to contact us via office@harambee.at to request more information in advance.

Bank account

Harambee e. V.
Erste Bank
IBAN: AT03 2011 1826 8762 7800